mercredi 4 mai 2011


We have a new exiting project, do you remember the old thread "inspiriting source for future"

We become a new range of models based on insects or arachnids.

In first see the infiltrating troops : the Mecharachnids

3 commentaires:

  1. Your spider is short a couple of legs. ;) Also vulcans chew through a lot of ammo, so maybe a large ammo drum on (or in place of) that thorax?

  2. Effectively, a couple of legs in more why not, the mini must be in multipart. The weapon must be an energy weapon, but why not whith bullets ! add this idea in our idea book ! thank you !

  3. Great miniature. I bought 2 as soon as I saw them!

    Perfect for my Vespulid army.

    Ammo drum is in side the abdomen. :P

    Are there any additional sketch of new miniatures ?