mardi 3 juillet 2012

The Karamazov brothers

At the very beginning of the Pan-Européan Empire's expansion, the greatest Impérial Archeo-Engineer was named Fiodor Karamazov, he was famous for his work on the uncovering of scraps of "Ye Old Technology".
He was as brilliant as he was devoid of any human feelings.
To help him on his researche, he roped in his three sons Dimitri, Ivan and Alexeï.
But one day, he went too far by implenting in their bodies datas corrupted by the Blight Wheel.
His aim was to create a new scientific genus, perfect combination between human and machine and at last able to solve the misteries of "Ye Old Technology".
Horrified while his brothers were aghast by what their father/creator had done to them, Dimitri killed him and started to put the blame on his younger brothers.
Rather than facing the wrath of their mutated older brother, Ivan and Alexeï had only but one choice, run away and follow their new path by integrating the Blight Wheel Sino-Russian Empire.
Being hunted down by his own people for what he had became Dimitri too ended up fleeing toward his only option and reunite with his brothers.
There he found out that Ivan had lost most of his sanity while AlexeÏ had willingly embraced this new situation.

Thanks to their knowledge of human nature and their irrevocable affiliation to the Blight Wheel, the brothers quickly made through the ranks of the mechanical army.

Each one started to specialize himself and by assimilating new datas they soon became the unhealthy ambassadors of this corrupted army.

From that day onward were born Emperor Napoleonius' Arch Ennemies, Dimitri "The Hateful Spider", "Crazy" Ivan and "Caterpilar" Alexeï.

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