samedi 31 décembre 2011

samedi 10 décembre 2011

Wip and preview for December and January

Hey dudes,
After some month of jam, the blight wheel roll again. With finally a shop full !

Some pictures of our futures project incoming.

And a teaser, that we hope a fabulous surprise for Christmas !

mardi 22 novembre 2011

We solve our problem of stocks

We must get you some apologies for the last weeks, we currently have several production problems that we solve.
All our product must be again in stock for the end of the month.

Others new good stuffs must will arrive in the same time.

For the Moment we re-stock completelly our Goliath Mk3 with some good modification better nuts and rivets and a more beautiful air vent.

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

Bionic parts

We present you a new kit for upgrade your mini, some fan ask us after the released of our Brother hood more arms for custom their own miniatures.
It comprise one servo arm with a light fixation for a human or a heavy fixation on a heavy backpack. Two arms and four different terminal tools.
So !

You can found some pictures about the use on our facebook page fan or on the sculptor blog.

vendredi 23 septembre 2011

News from the front !

First, we are sorry for the delay has made ​​the restocking of some of our references.

We had to improve some of our kits because the customer feedback we showed some weaknesses in the design of these.

We are pleased to announce that the Blight Wheel Brotherhoods, will receive new arms, less brittle, and can stand in your hands of players frantic. New kits should be casted in less than a month.

We will also resort the Goliath MK3 with an adjustment details (rivets, bolt and grille), no pictures at this time.

We also are pleased to announce the release (finally) of our squires in our store !

We always encounter some difficulties on certain supply references (robots more than 5 kits in stock and the upgrade kit) accept our apologies for the multiple delays that we are trying to fill.

vendredi 9 septembre 2011

Prices downs

We have a good news,
We have negotiate the price for cast the mecha pilot and we can propose you a better price.
So you will see on the shop the mecha pilot down to 8 euros now.

See here !

mardi 30 août 2011

Squires for a mecha

The Pan European Empire is not really a monarchy, but some old title are always in use.

The sons of the Pan European nobility can have the chance to serve in an elite corps called The Knight Order of Titans, these mecha created by a genius and crazy savant : Homerius of Greece, were inspired by Greek mythologie (the titonomachy) and use an old technology who is the only to understood, only twelve Mecha are in service (the same number of the first mythic titan) the most famous are called Atlas, Prometheus ....
All the pilot are knighted and become : knights of Napoleonius, one mecha can have more than one official pilot, due to some injuries or fatigue accumulated in warfront , the unsuccessful applicants for pilot can be used otherwise, and continue to serve as different as the Order.

Mecha need to be maintained and requires a large staff and highly competent. The mecha corps is the elite of the pan-European army, and need people who are completely invested in their mission, unsuccessful applicants for pilot are the most evident loyal staff.

It is not uncommon for pilots to move on the battlefield with some of its staff. Those latter are often enough to straighten the crumpled sheet metal or tightened a bolt motto. Sometimes tools can become a real weapon, the torch with a small modification can change to a long spit flame or becoming a long thermo spear, the energetic wrench then becomes terrible weapon of devastating the thickest armour.

For those who want more real information about the Greek mythology and others real thing who inspired us :

lundi 18 juillet 2011

Blight Wheel Killer the lady death strike

We have a new bad girl in town.

Discovers the limited edition of this miniature on our store. And much more new stuff (separate arms and head for brotherhoods).

We present you the new models in a few time, on the blog.

vendredi 24 juin 2011

Support Heroes of Armageddon.

We support Heroes of Armageddon.
Please read their blog and make a donation for Doctors Without Borders

samedi 4 juin 2011

Scriiit scriiit !

So that makes noise in the dark ?

They are the elite of recon troops, always in front of the Sino Russian army where we do not expect, gathering as much information on their enemy before they strike, armed with a mini Gatling laser are silent capable of killing enemy sentries without being caught.

Beware of their size, they remain formidable opponent.

lundi 23 mai 2011


They are the embodiment and the cannon fodder of robotic machinery governing the empire of Sino Russia.

Were men before processing? or they are just after gear assembled, nobody knows. But wherever the forces of Sino Russia appears to occur, they are there.

Fear those who fear nothing!

mercredi 18 mai 2011

A little tease

Ok guys,
A little teasing about our work in the darkest creation room.
not complete picture but if you follow us on Facebook you will unterstand.

mercredi 4 mai 2011


We have a new exiting project, do you remember the old thread "inspiriting source for future"

We become a new range of models based on insects or arachnids.

In first see the infiltrating troops : the Mecharachnids

mardi 3 mai 2011


We are on Facebook now !

samedi 2 avril 2011

Variant guns

Specialized troopers use some time different guns for their missions.

Four new guns :
- long autogun
- long autogun with auxiliary grenade launcher
- auto shotgun
- phaser riffle

And the Stagound mk4 Canon on tripod.

dimanche 6 mars 2011

When the Bots came.

The first meeting between the Pan European Empire and the Sinorussia, was among a small explorer group of a dozen soldiers and only a lost robot. Only one man survived the encounter after hiding in the carcass of his smoking Halftrack.
The reports issued by the rescue and survivor told all the horrible bloody carnage. The robot was hunted down and destroyed by a squadron of Staghound.

The robot was brought to room detached and analyzed. He was named "Igor"for its strange appearance completely (named as a mad scientist's assistant).

Few months later others robots were observed at the Belarusian border all quit
e different. Most were rusty, much more than poorly maintained, it even came to find some off-duty planted as statues of an ancient time completely eaten away by acid rain and overrun with weeds.

Only after the Volgograd disaster that happened became worse. Squads freshly paint and heavily armed of "Igor" roamed the plains of Belarus to address Pan-European empire.

jeudi 27 janvier 2011


Napoleonius, Emperor of the Pan-Europe.

Chief of a former island Terrannee, going to unify the ancient clans of warlords of ancient Europe, its success was such that some months he managed to regain the Taly and within 3 years became the most powerful warlords in Europe.
He then decided to reunite Europe in a New
Organized Empire.

With the help of the various warlords became loyal to his cause , he restored a semblance of civilization (and an efficient bureaucracy for raising regular taxes).

Reunification permits back together some of the older technologies spread across Europe.
Thus he was able to equip some of these troops with advanced technology such as laser pulse rifle or even ablative armor, not to mention the various tanks and other vehicles of death that ended his rule to install completely.

So after 5 years of total domination Napoleonius party win the archipelagos of the former Great Britain. Thus, he overcame the last warlord Hell'ington and recovered even more technology, but stop his conquest when he found the complete biological horrors who lived in the rest of the archipelagos (some warrior speak about degenerated mutants or zombies).

When he return in his empire, he choose a new wife, daughter of a great chief, Magnus of Hasburg, and adopt a part of is heraldry (
Two headed eagle) but with his heraldry specification (the eagle with bolts), and install is capital in the old Germastria country.

It only remained therefore only one thing to conquer, the Sinorussia.

This will recapture his biggest mistake or the greater success ...

NB :
for those who want to understand how we use the true history of Europe in the mocking to create a universe that contains anachronistic that we love.,_1st_Duke_of_Wellington

lundi 10 janvier 2011

The Staghound Mk4

The Staghound MK4 is a very old production, produced by the ancient Kingdom of Great Britain (before the Cataclysm transforms into an archipelago populated by zombies and other biological horrors).

Staghound MK4 patterns and variants were recovered by his magesty Napoléonius after the final battle against the barbarian hordes of Hell'Ington for control of low islands archipelago of Britain.

This reconnaissance vehicle has since become a flagship technology of the Pan-European troops. Many variant are manufactured now by the arsenals of the empire.

Several vehicles were stolen by the rebel troops of the famous Kommisar during the revolt of the city of Parisi, it is not uncommon from time to time to see some vehicle with the color scheme of Kommissar Grant.

dimanche 9 janvier 2011

lundi 3 janvier 2011

Volgograd the dark city

city forgotten by the men after the last disaster was again explored by scientific Empire Pan European.
In ancient text still spoke weapons factories that fabulous old SinoRussia had set up before the big blackout.

Thus started the discovery of nano robotics control badges, which became the "Blight wheel"

dimanche 2 janvier 2011

inspirating source for future

we found this on the web last year and we are decided to use this robot concept for a futuristic insect, probably not a spider, but an other terrific insect of our garden (like a mantis or a grasshopper)
see this excellent blog for this robot :