dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Helena the mistress of Skulls

Helena was a brilliant surgeon of the research medical army center of the Pan-European empire. When the ancient knowledge in Volgograd was found she participate of the research for understand if the Volgograd Wheel Badge (an old lost nanotechnology knowledge) can help the Empire against the robots.

But Helena is completely corrupted by the blight Wheel now and she fight with the SinoRussia force against the Empire.

Now she collect the skulls of her ennemi and infect their with the blight wheel, these skull begin automated flying bomb, that she use for crush the living things who disturb her.

A mecha pilot for a Steam Punk mecha

The Empire of the Pan European faction have develop a mecha program for fight the most difficult biggest robot send for destroy all life in the rest of the civilization.

This mecha are piloted by the elite of the nobility, the Knight order of Titans (who have twelve knights in service)

Titans are the old monstrous giant of the Greek mythology, knowed for their very impressive Strong and power. The creator of the order who lived in the old Greece before the unification of the Pan-European Empire give his allegiance and his scientist knowledge for help the humanity against the Sinorussia Robotic army.

Goliath remote controle tracked mine MK3

An old creation of an other age used by the Empire of the Pan-Europe, the construct scheme of thre tracked systeme was found in an enemy town of the empire controlled by the force of the psychotic robot of SinoRussia

The tracked mine, used for destroy the evil machine of the Psychotic robot entity.

NB of the creator :
inspiration source for this miniatures : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goliath_tracked_mine
the paint scheme : http://www.7flammes.com/Legion-2001.jpg
and all insigna on the side was inspired of the French army like the winged sword.

The univers of Blight wheel

In a near future after the final war and cataclysmic ecological catastroph, the earth is controled by some decadent government and robotic entity.

A new age of darkest war is born !