vendredi 23 septembre 2011

News from the front !

First, we are sorry for the delay has made ​​the restocking of some of our references.

We had to improve some of our kits because the customer feedback we showed some weaknesses in the design of these.

We are pleased to announce that the Blight Wheel Brotherhoods, will receive new arms, less brittle, and can stand in your hands of players frantic. New kits should be casted in less than a month.

We will also resort the Goliath MK3 with an adjustment details (rivets, bolt and grille), no pictures at this time.

We also are pleased to announce the release (finally) of our squires in our store !

We always encounter some difficulties on certain supply references (robots more than 5 kits in stock and the upgrade kit) accept our apologies for the multiple delays that we are trying to fill.

vendredi 9 septembre 2011

Prices downs

We have a good news,
We have negotiate the price for cast the mecha pilot and we can propose you a better price.
So you will see on the shop the mecha pilot down to 8 euros now.

See here !