mardi 23 juillet 2013

What about holidays ?

We will close the shop the 1 august for 2 weeks. The shop will be update after the holidays.
We hope show you many more miniatures. Allan Carrasco work on a new Britain soldier !
Our Designer wortk on new Mecanics miniatures.
And we are near to released more bitz and equipment.
But if you need quickly one of our products don't wait and go to the shop or wait the middle of august.
So What about our Holidays? The Shop will be closing on August the 1st for two weeks. The Shop will be updated after these holidays.
We hope to display more of our miniatures. As of now Allan Carasco is working on a brand new Britain Soldier!
Our designer(s) arer busy with new Mechanics Miniatures
And we are very close to releasing a new batch of Bitz and equipements.
If you quickly need one of our product do not wait and head to our shop or you will have to wait untill the second week of August.

A tease about Allan Work