vendredi 27 septembre 2013

Sino russia bits in stock !

Torsos and Heads for our new sino russia soldiers arrive today in the shop !

- 5 differents heads with hoods and bionics

- 5 sino russia torsos

You can combine with our differents bionics arms kit, and gabardine legs to create a very good sino russia soldier.

the complete sino russia range here :

jeudi 26 septembre 2013

New bits !

We receive Wednesday a very cool package with all our new stuff.

First 5 Cloaks for our soldiers, 5 different cloaks who can be fitted on several miniatures and a special cloaks for a guy with legs kneeling. for only 4 euros the pack of 5 !

In second we receive also a special kit of arms, with 3 pairs of arms in different pose, but without hands. Hands are separate bits, they are 8 (4 right and 4 left) in different positions open hands, closed hands on a handle of a sword or dagger, closed hands on a pistol grip. for only 4 euros too !

and a preview for the end of the week, a bad picture of incoming bits so waiting ....