jeudi 27 janvier 2011


Napoleonius, Emperor of the Pan-Europe.

Chief of a former island Terrannee, going to unify the ancient clans of warlords of ancient Europe, its success was such that some months he managed to regain the Taly and within 3 years became the most powerful warlords in Europe.
He then decided to reunite Europe in a New
Organized Empire.

With the help of the various warlords became loyal to his cause , he restored a semblance of civilization (and an efficient bureaucracy for raising regular taxes).

Reunification permits back together some of the older technologies spread across Europe.
Thus he was able to equip some of these troops with advanced technology such as laser pulse rifle or even ablative armor, not to mention the various tanks and other vehicles of death that ended his rule to install completely.

So after 5 years of total domination Napoleonius party win the archipelagos of the former Great Britain. Thus, he overcame the last warlord Hell'ington and recovered even more technology, but stop his conquest when he found the complete biological horrors who lived in the rest of the archipelagos (some warrior speak about degenerated mutants or zombies).

When he return in his empire, he choose a new wife, daughter of a great chief, Magnus of Hasburg, and adopt a part of is heraldry (
Two headed eagle) but with his heraldry specification (the eagle with bolts), and install is capital in the old Germastria country.

It only remained therefore only one thing to conquer, the Sinorussia.

This will recapture his biggest mistake or the greater success ...

NB :
for those who want to understand how we use the true history of Europe in the mocking to create a universe that contains anachronistic that we love.,_1st_Duke_of_Wellington

lundi 10 janvier 2011

The Staghound Mk4

The Staghound MK4 is a very old production, produced by the ancient Kingdom of Great Britain (before the Cataclysm transforms into an archipelago populated by zombies and other biological horrors).

Staghound MK4 patterns and variants were recovered by his magesty Napoléonius after the final battle against the barbarian hordes of Hell'Ington for control of low islands archipelago of Britain.

This reconnaissance vehicle has since become a flagship technology of the Pan-European troops. Many variant are manufactured now by the arsenals of the empire.

Several vehicles were stolen by the rebel troops of the famous Kommisar during the revolt of the city of Parisi, it is not uncommon from time to time to see some vehicle with the color scheme of Kommissar Grant.

dimanche 9 janvier 2011

lundi 3 janvier 2011

Volgograd the dark city

city forgotten by the men after the last disaster was again explored by scientific Empire Pan European.
In ancient text still spoke weapons factories that fabulous old SinoRussia had set up before the big blackout.

Thus started the discovery of nano robotics control badges, which became the "Blight wheel"

dimanche 2 janvier 2011

inspirating source for future

we found this on the web last year and we are decided to use this robot concept for a futuristic insect, probably not a spider, but an other terrific insect of our garden (like a mantis or a grasshopper)
see this excellent blog for this robot :