lundi 4 mai 2015

Put together Military truck parts

The military truck is a very complete kit.

So to help you to put together the parts of the truck we realized some picture who permit you to found the good way to put together correctly your own truck

First of all, our wheels are the same for all our vehicle models so, for this truck you need adaptators to combine correcly with the axles.
You have 4 big adaptators and 2 small.

Glue the adaptators on the axles :

glue the cabine truck whith the axle :

Now you can glue the wheels, the bumper and the mudguard on each side, the gun on the left side is optionnal.

The rear platform can be fit after this step or before you glue the axle to the cabine.

Like this :

The rear axle can be fit where you want on the platform. Becarfule, leave the place necessary for the wheels between each axles.

On each side of the platform you must glue the panels, they are iddentify by a letter R and L for right and left to help you to find theyr place.

Below the platform you have two rails that will help to find the location of the platforms on truck structure.

You can choose to close the rear door or to open it.

And finally after paint it obtein a military truck ready to war !