lundi 24 mars 2014

Salute promotional offer

BLIGHT WHEEL MINIATURES offer at our Salute Stand:

We will be on the TB02 stand (with our friend Studio Junger !)

This year our promotional miniature will be our assassin model.

The promotional miniature will be offered to any customer placing a pre-order of 50€ or more on our web-store (please then enter the code "salute2014"in the commentary box, we reimburse you the shipping cost if necessary).
On the day, it will also be offered for purchases of £50 or more while stock lasts.
It will not be possible to buy it separately, there is a limited stock and once it's gone, it's gone.

The day of the Salute we propose you for the first time two new models (not available for pre-order)

The Ironhorse :
A tracked bike with his pilot

The terror bird cavalry :

Happy Salute day !

dimanche 23 mars 2014

Terror bird cavalry !

Do you want ride with the terror birds ?

Hell'ington troopers say yes !

Available for the Salute, and on the shop after salute.

Iron horse !

Available for the Saulte ! and on the shop after the Salute we present you the Iron horse !

We worked since 2 years about a cool project.
A modification and actualisation of a tracked bike, first invented by a inventor named Lehaitre for the French army before the WWII.
never accepted by the French army .....

But I realize it was a pretty cool idea for an Sci-fi army.

So we named her (yes it's a woman necessarily.) the Iron Horse.