vendredi 27 juillet 2012


From tomorrow we will be closed for two or three weeks. Time for us to take a short holiday, to re-stock for more news, and also to be present at a convention of players figurines and another of painters, In Catalonia (France, Perpignan)

But we will not forget you during this time, we will publish teaser in advance about few news, released in August or September in the current store.

jeudi 19 juillet 2012

New photos about Igor the war bot.

Painted with the courtesy of David Raffetin.
Thank you David !

More pictures on our shop !

vendredi 13 juillet 2012

We shake well go for the photo !

So it's the day for our new released.

It's a little a new departure for us. The end of our cast problem, the end of the low stock (hum not completely we must wait September ).

Available all here :
don't forget we have two shipping possibilities a cheaper with track and a little insurance, and a more expensive with fast delivery, track number, real insurance, and sign on delivery.

We can now work like others miniatures compagnies.

A family picture for our two brothers.

Now a few hours rest. .... or not ....

More stuff in the shop.

We update the shop today, with 3 new miniatures.
So now the shop grow and the first page is not able to show all the models.
You must choose the categories at the right under Categories (Blight Wheel Miniatures ^^) if you want see all our miniatures.

To celebrate this we have a new banner for the shop !

And for people who are not able to wait the shop a family pictures of a little combat group of the Sino russia army lead by two of the Karamazov brothers; and our Britannic officer in action !

Enjoy !

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Dimitri "The Hateful Spider" !

Folks, we are very excited now July 14 is near to come.
Today we want show you another guy, this time a very bad guy.
This is a sketch which we used to achieve one of the new figures that come out as July 14

Dimitri "The Hateful Spider" !

This is the first Karamazov brother we can show you.

Enjoy !

mercredi 11 juillet 2012

Over 300 fans on Facebook !

We just passed the 300 fans! to celebrate that here is a new image of our British officer, sculpted by Allan Carrasco.

Come for more news !

mardi 10 juillet 2012

Officer of his Majesty

It had been several days since they left the foothill of the Glasgow Island.

While navigating through the mist of the Britannic Archipelago, they had been less than happy to stumble onto that uncharted island, but it was their duty to cartography each island of the archipelago and cleanse that degenerate mutant infection
that had taken roots among its population.

The last member of the Royal Family, the General Hell 'Ington (whom had somehow survived his last encounter against the Emperor) had ordered the reconquest of the Archipelago.

The worst part of that infection was the virus ability to turn undead mater both human and animal into that semblance of a life whose only purpose was to feed on the livings.

Today, they moved their trenches further inland, they had set some landmines backed up by razor wires.
The thick toxic mist had prevented a quick reconnoissance of the island, anyways, sooner or later, at nightfall, far away howlings and wailings would give them an idea of the monstrosities dwelling on this island.

It mattered little, for John, proud in his Captain's regalia caressed the grip of his Hell pistol while proudly flexing the fingers of his new Battle Fist he and his men were ready to carry on their duty.

Later that night, they had arrived, the mines had taken their toll but it was not enough against the tide of zombies, the razor wires had only stopped the first few to reach them, quickly becoming entangled meaty carpets enabling the others to cross with no more hindrance than their already ungainly pace.
Heavy ordnance had become silent for the enemy was now too close from the trenches, hand to hand would now be inescapable thought John.
He raised his Hell pistol and ordered "Hold it until you see the white of their teeth, then fire at will !!!" while in his mind he couldn't help to finish the sentence "but keep a last shot for yourself".....

mardi 3 juillet 2012

The Karamazov brothers

At the very beginning of the Pan-Européan Empire's expansion, the greatest Impérial Archeo-Engineer was named Fiodor Karamazov, he was famous for his work on the uncovering of scraps of "Ye Old Technology".
He was as brilliant as he was devoid of any human feelings.
To help him on his researche, he roped in his three sons Dimitri, Ivan and Alexeï.
But one day, he went too far by implenting in their bodies datas corrupted by the Blight Wheel.
His aim was to create a new scientific genus, perfect combination between human and machine and at last able to solve the misteries of "Ye Old Technology".
Horrified while his brothers were aghast by what their father/creator had done to them, Dimitri killed him and started to put the blame on his younger brothers.
Rather than facing the wrath of their mutated older brother, Ivan and Alexeï had only but one choice, run away and follow their new path by integrating the Blight Wheel Sino-Russian Empire.
Being hunted down by his own people for what he had became Dimitri too ended up fleeing toward his only option and reunite with his brothers.
There he found out that Ivan had lost most of his sanity while AlexeÏ had willingly embraced this new situation.

Thanks to their knowledge of human nature and their irrevocable affiliation to the Blight Wheel, the brothers quickly made through the ranks of the mechanical army.

Each one started to specialize himself and by assimilating new datas they soon became the unhealthy ambassadors of this corrupted army.

From that day onward were born Emperor Napoleonius' Arch Ennemies, Dimitri "The Hateful Spider", "Crazy" Ivan and "Caterpilar" Alexeï.