jeudi 15 mars 2012

News for March

Hi Folks !

We continue to work on many projects !

So, here we go. We currently work on different army kits and independent characters while adding more depth to the different blight wheel factions.

You already know of Grant's Spectres by now, well we are working on some other girls along with a special kit that will help you put together an entire army.

But that's not all :
- We have Hell'ington army with his fearsome warriors issued from the Great Britain archipelagos.
- Also Napoleonius's army with his elite corps known as "The Emperor's Dragons".
- And last but not least some mutants, zombies and ashlands rebels.

Check bellow for a couple work in progress and sketch:

5 commentaires:

  1. Excellent! Those heads are amazing.

  2. Those Hell'ington previews look ace! I just might have to start another new army once they are released... *sigh*

  3. This all sounds very exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing the Dragoons!


  4. Any news on release dates for the mutant and heads sets ?

  5. These are only for preview, we wait the cast for the end of the month, with a surprise for this mutant.